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Approaching a more natural nutritional environment and creating a more natural cultivation environment.
Only the professionals know the conditions under which the strong Cordyceps grows.

Cordyceps is a parasitic mushroom that parasitically infests hibernating insects and absorbs nutrients while growing mycelia, sprouting when it becomes warm and appearing on the ground.
Cordyceps was given by God of Earth Creation to prevent abnormal breeding such as grasshoppers and moths.
Chinese people say "God's mushroom".
nature cordyceps

The highest level of Cordyceps is endangered
The area where powerful Cordyceps occurs is the high mountain near 4000 m above sea level from Tibet Autonomous Region to Nepal.
This area is the Himalayas, which is said to be the roof of the world, and was the bottom of the sea until 50 million years ago.In the right figure, it is the position of the red x mark in the center.
china map
In this area, as the continents collided, the uplifting and volcanic explosion repeated, and as it is now, extremely rare soils with mixed seabed and underground minerals were formed.
Furthermore, since it is close to the equator, intense ultraviolet light is falling, and the temperature difference between midsummer and winter at night is a severe nature exceeding 70 ° C.
Plants that grow on this barren land are fully equipped with minerals and phytochemicals. Astonishingly, there are insects that have been breeding for thousands of years while eating this intense plant.
Plants that endure harsh environments, amazing insects that grow by eating this.
The world's toughest fungi await when these harsh insects dive into "deposited grass" for hibernation. This fungus is a mushroom fungus that has a very strong biological ability on earth. 

Cordyceps enhances sports skills
How did BGS-Cordyceps be developed?
The developer who lost his father for liver cancer was thinking of revenge for the cancer.
The developer have traveled to Taiwan's herbal medicine town on a journey to find "something" to avenge the cancer.
There were a lot of people in the herbal medicine shop, and they were excited to watch the athletics on TV.
The developer asked "What is your surprise?"
Then one of the clerks answered "Cordyceps has become very famous in Germany."
The Chinese women's team of athletes who played the feat of monopolizing the gold, silver and bronze medals at the World Athletics Competition sent out to the world, saying, "I endured hard training while eating Cordyceps."
China Olympic
Subsequently, China adopted Cordyceps, which can be harvested in Tibet, to improve athletes' sports ability.
As a result, it has shown the marvelous sports performance such as the above to the world.
Tibet's Cordyceps, which has been heavily purchased from all over the world, is extinct due to overfishing.
Tibet's Cordyceps disappeared. Instead, there are lots of artificially grown Cordyceps sinensis in the Kampo market.
Developer felt to Cordyceps, a deep attraction and God power.
Starting with Ali-shan, the highest mountain in Taiwan, went to the production area of the famous Cordyceps in China and started exploring.
The goal of the developer is to collect the world's best Cordyeps, grow it in Japan, and realize the dream that many people suffering from cancer and athletes who are aiming for the Olympics eat it.

Cordyceps and sports ability

Research to generate the highest level of Cordyceps
The natural world of the earth is made up of the nutritional components of the three worlds: plant ingredients, animal ingredients and inorganic ingredients.  
And developers have found that Cordycps generated from the place where these three ingredients are gathered is the world's highest level.
自然界発生 The picture is a Cordyceps that the developer has harvested in nature. What is pinched by the fingertips is the pupal part of the insect, and three fruit bodies (yellow-orange) extend from the head part.
Innumerable mycelium comes out of Pupa and spreads to the surrounding Mulch and further spreads in rubble in the form of thread.
The developers have collected natural botanical ingredients (Chinese herbal medicine), animal ingredients (medicinal ant extract), and minerals to create a nutrient-rich medium containing three ingredients. This technology comes from the valuable experience developers have explored in the natural world. If you explain in the above picture, it is the theory that powerful Cordyceps sprout only from the blue ★ part.
And since 2003, we have been leading the world in large scale artificial cultivation in Japan. 
Cultivation of BGS-Cordyceps / Fukuoka City in Japan

Purely eating the best Cordyceps
冬虫夏草の食べ方 Currently, there are 15 cultivation facilities (BGS group) in Japan. Kagoshima Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, etc. are all located in West Japan.

Sprinkle pure Cordyceps into Japanese, Chinese and Italian cuisine. (Photo on the left).
The taste is almost the same as soy flour, and it is delicious and easy to eat.  When you eat beneficial and powerful mycelium, they grow intestinal lactic acid bacteria rapidly as they reach the small intestine.
For the small intestine which has been aged by chemical components, and the intestinal villi entangled with chemical components and heavy metals, the restoration of the weakly acidic intestinal environment is the first step to prevent canceration.
And, just as Chinese women's athletics teams do Best results in Germany, athletes can build a body that can withstand intense training and tough matches.

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Top-grade Cordyceps Supplement
Ingredients :
BGS-Cordyceps/Curcuma Aromatica(extract) /Cockscomb(extract)/Oligosaccharide
Product Specification : 
Grain 30 bags/boxes 1.5g/bags
Nutritional Components 1.5g/bags
Energy : 5.78KJ
Fat : 0.06g Sodium : 1.24mg Protein:0.29g Carbohydrate:1.03g
Market selling price : $ 300./ box
Manufacturing Company :
1-90-1 Kamiyama-chou Tajimi Gifu,507-0022 Japan
General Distributor :
1-3-20 Arato,Thuou-ku Fukuoka Japan
Clinical trial data of cancer patients
Blood test data after taking CordyA
Data provision :Ms Matoba fumiko

Address :
Suzugamine Saekiku,Hirosima Japan
Medical history:
Hepatitis C progresses to cirrhosis and causes liver cancer.Surgical removal of a quarter of the liver in April 2008, but recurrence of liver cancer in 2011.  She was unable to remove the liver by surgery.
Consultation at Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital .

She immediately decided to eat CordyA (BGS-Cordyceps).
Status of taking :
Starting on July 16, 2011, the diet is vegetable-centered and CordyA is taken before meals.

She continues to eat CordyA after this, and she is very active now. And we carefully manage the eight-year blood test data she sent. 

Carefully select natural ingredients. No chemical additives are used. 
BGS-Cordyceps mainly germinates from natural silkworm and Chinese medicine.
This product only uses fruiting body part, which is dried at low temperature and fermented by special fermentation, with the extract of Tulip from Okinawa, the extract of Cockscomb from Qifu and oligosaccharide from Hokaido.
This product belongs to green food. This food uses only BGS fruit body parts that have been dried at low temperatures and subjected to special fermentation, along with turmeric extracts from Okinawa Prefecture, extracts from Cockscomb manufactured in Gifu Prefecture, and Hokaido onion oligosaccharides.
This food uses only BGS fruit body parts that have been dried at low temperatures and subjected to special fermentation, along with turmeric extracts from Okinawa Prefecture, extracts from Cockscomb manufactured in Gifu Prefecture, and Hokaido onion oligosaccharides.
BGS-Cordyceps contains Cordycepin, Lipo-polysaccharides, abundant Free amino acids and various Minerals, Ergothioneine, and can enhance anti-oxidation and enhance immunity.
BGS-Cordyceps, which can induce cell apoptosis, can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. (Reference photo below)
Special ferments of BGS-Cordyceps can enhance the function of the small intestine. Turmeric extract works to strengthen the liver.
Cockscomb extract contains hyaluronic acid .  Collagen enhances visceral protection . Oligosaccharides can increase intestinal bacteria in the small intestine and improve constipation.
When these special ingredients are combined, synergy occurs and a wonderful food called CordyA is born.
This product has won the favor of numerous cancer patients since it was sold in April 2010.
Safe and reassuring Japanese Pharmaceutical Company's confident products will become your favorite.  
Cancer cell growth inhibition test
We compared which one was stronger between cancer cells and BGS-Cordyceps. The measurement method is as follows.
1 .
Powder the Cordyceps and use hot water at 80 ° for 2 hours with distilled water. After hot water extraction, it was filtered and sterilized and the fluid was used as BGS-Cordyceps extract.
2 .
Subculture of Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells ,Simultaneous cell culture in logarithmic growth phase ,After peeling off from flask, wash with culture medium , Adjust the number of cells to 4 x 10 cell/ml as cell suspension .

3 . Results and discussion
BGS-Cordyceps extract was added to the culture medium of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells, After 48 hours of culture, the number of cells and the effect of inhibiting the proliferation of tumor cells were determined.

The results showed that the BGS- Cordyceps extract inhibited the growth of human hepatoma cells. Forty-eight hours after administration of the extract, cell number and tumor cell growth inhibitory effect (lower data) were determined.
BGS-Cordyceps extract directly affected cancer cell apoptosis.In this study using human hepatoma cells, it was shown in the photographs that 85% of the cancer cells had disappeared. 
This is more than the cytostatic effect, It means that there is a remarkable apoptotic effect.
 Liver cancer cells just before the test  48 hours after administration
What happens to liver cancer cells when a small amount of BGS-Cordyceps aqueous solution is added?
A close comparison of the left and right pictures shows that in 48 hours 85% of the cancer cells "disappear".
If cells is destroyed, many broken fragments should be scattered, but in the picture on the right, it is judged as & quot;disappeared" because cell fragments are not found.
Cancer cells are eliminated by phototherapy, surgically removed, and treated by destruction by anti-cancer drugs.
If this alone causes apoptosis, there will be no pain, trauma, bleeding, side effects, and the cancer will disappear over time. For cancer patients, a dreamlike cure will come true.

Comparison with other company's Cordyceps
The condition of 72 hours after administration of two types of aqueous solution of Cordyceps to human lung cancer cells (A549) was examined.
The left (red line) is BGS-Cordyceps, and the right (black line) is another company's Cordyceps (Germination from pupa).
More than 95% of cancer cells disappeared in BGS-Cordyceps, but cancer cells did not disappear in other companies Cordyceps.
In the left graph, when 30μg / ml of BGS-Cordyceps aqueous solution is administered, 95% of cancer cells disappear.  It is about 2g/60kg when converting this amount to the human body.

The BGS-Cordyceps culture technology is patented by the Government of Japan and can not be imitated by other companies.

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