There is an island called “undeveloped island” by the angler at the southwestern tip of Japan. There you can catch a lot of big fish traveling around the Japan Current and large local fish. And the first fishing resort project in Japan is underway here.
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There is a solitary island of Kosikijima that you couldn't go even if you wanted to go so far in off the coast of Kagoshima, Kyushu.
The area is characterized by a splendid rias coast surrounded by blue sea, and its superb view attracts those who saw it.

 A 127-m-high strange rock protruding above the sea: Napoleon-Rock
Nagame-no-Hama / National Natural Monument 

The biggest attraction of Kosiki island after all is “fishing”.
Although it is a nationally famous island where Japan's leading “fishing tournament” has been held from before, there are not many vacancies even if you want to go because there are few hotels on the island (70 rooms on the whole island), so there are no rooms available to stay .
Therefore, it has been said that it is an “undeveloped island” for anglers, there is no doubt that Fishing Island is a yearning for anglers from all over the country.
When the bridge is completed, will be get in the spotlight at once 
On the right is a map of the western side of Japan, and Kosiki island is located most southwest in Japan (red circle). Although it is an isolated island, there is a station where the JR Shinkansen stops on the mainland side.
And the inconvenience will be halved if the connecting ferry and access on the island are improved.

The island is a terrain with steep mountain ranges from north to south, and the sea suddenly deepens from the rocky shore.
Inconvenient access improved in 2020 by connecting the upper, middle, and lower islands with a bridge, and the entire island will be shortened.
 You can hit a big fish from the shore
On the right is the ocean current map surrounding Japan. Kosiki island is (bottom left of the right figure) and is located at the junction where the Japan Current is divided into the Pacific Ocean (Kuroshio) and the Japan Sea (Tsushima Current).
Moreover, since the surrounding area of the island is deep, large medina and black sea bream gather, and large fish such as skipjack and tuna that travel around the Pacific Ocean can also be caught, so it can be the ultimate experience for anglers it can. 


Resolving hotel shortages
Replenish family type cottage
This Cottage is an architectural style that began in England in the 18th century and was popular in Europe.
The development is done primarily to not destroy the superior island nature.
  A fun 5-person type for the family 
Of course, water, electricity, sewage (septic tank) are fully equipped 
The basic form is a rare five-person room type in Japan. It's good for families and groups, so you can expect a nice price range for travelers.The average site is 120m2, the first floor is 43.2m2, and the R floor can be used as an evacuation space (rest). Of course, it is a normal building that completely cleared Japanese building regulations, and the garden is planted with evergreen trees and lawns.
The building is a CubicBox method that combines cubes as shown on the left. Just supervised in the UK and will be assemble on the island.
The durability is more than 50 years, and it is strong against disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons.

Make fishing more meaningful
Catched fish and hava a happy time in the city's BBQ area
The fish you catch can be sold at “Umi no Eki” SHOP, or you can have them cooked at the nearest BBQ-PLACE (upper left photo) and eat happily with your family or group. 
※ 道の駅は計画中

The Kosikijima is a fun island  for women and children
Sightseeing on the island where everything is beautiful and touching
 cruising  boat
 Beautiful beach Crystal clear sea 
 Search for SAMURAI residence
  Yuri Kanoko grows naturally on the cliff
 Yellow cute nisinohana licorice
Sunrise at SATO-Port  Daimyojinbashi bridged in the sunset 
Sushi with outstanding freshness   Specialties and shrimp dishes

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