KOSHIKI Resort Development will proceed in a way that does not cut the mountains, fill the sea, or destroy the wonderful wilderness.We are aiming to create a town that will change old private houses to new functions, and to form a resort where the youth of the island will play a leading role.
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Teuchi-Coast that makes you want to stay in the medium to long term.
Teuchi-Coast, which became famous nationwide for the location of “Fishing-guy Diary” and the TV drama of Dr. Cotto Clinic, 手打湾
is a quiet port town with a population of 820 people located at the southernmost tip of Shimokoshiki island. 
手打の武家屋敷 In the map above, the two roads behind the coast are samurai residences streets, but this is a well-maintained landscape where no trash has fallen.

手打海岸 The most beautiful sandy beach in the archipelago 
The beautiful white sand that stretches over 1000m so as to wrap around Teuchi-Coast is located in Shimokoshiki-cho Teuchi-ku, which has the second largest population in the archipelago.
Local residents participate and continue activities aimed at creating a vibrant community filled with nature's bounty and compassion.
Teuti Beach has a long history, and there are many historic sites that will delight tourists.
The TV drama “Doctor Cotto Clinic” and the monument to “My mother” sung by Shinichi Mori.
Teuchi Bay seen from the sky
The shell mound where earthenware from the Yayoi period was excavated, the townscape with old samurai residences registered as a Japanese heritage, the ruins of a guardhouse monitoring the arrival of foreign ships, and the lighthouse with a history of more than 100 years. Furthermore, if you move about 30 minutes by car, You can enjoy a stimulating experience, such as the west coast where the cliffs are connected and climbing the highest peak of the archipelago, which boasts an altitude of 604m.
手打シュノーケリング 手打湾のウミガメ産卵
Of course, you can expect the best fishing results in winter, and snorkeling is full of charm in the spring. On top of that, every year in the early summer, you may encounter a sea turtle coming from the south sea and laying eggs on white sand on the Teuchi-Beach.
If you stay, a cottage with BBQ is the best !
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Go to Koshiki-jima with 4-7 friends or family. Accommodation is a family type cottage where everyone can stay together.
The spacious garden also has a BBQ corner where you can bake and eat the fish you catch. 
 This photo above is BBQ cooking.
How much is it for renting this house for one day? 
 4~7人部屋 :18,000円/日(計画中)
For small groups of travel, please use the inns in the town. It will be a more enjoyable trip by getting information on sightseeing and fishing from the owner of the inn. 
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